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We are Modern Minded

Uplifted Youth
Let Modern Minded help to balance your community

Modern Minded was created with a boundless vision to give communities an endless supply of extra activities on their campus. From instrumental musical instruction, to band, to classes focused on teaching you collaboration through Songwriting, Modern Minded is dedicated to bringing fun and vibrant classes, which will energize and focus you, breathing new life into your daily life. 

Looking Out of a Skyscaper

Chris Reed

Recording Academy member, Chris Reed, has been working in education since 2006 and still takes the time and care to curate each and every program to fit the needs of the individual community. 
    "Mr. Chris"  (as his students like to refer to him) is always looking for new and fun ways to help his students grow and is constantly writing new plays, musicals and compositions for them to be a part of (as seen here):
     Chris has written more than 400+ songs and received worldwide recognition from radio stations and networks like MTV. He has toured South America, Europe and the West Coast. 

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